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mikki15xxx said: You have the coolest page on Tumblr that I 've seen so far! xD Can people send you pictures of their dogs? I have a dog named Buddy. Bud for short and he's a pomeranian, papillon, chihuahua mix. He is three-years-old. I would love to send you a few pictures of him! xD

For sure! I’m Happy when my followers send me pictures of their dogs and telling me a story of them!
Thanks that you like my blog that makes me happy =) So next week i have my free week so my blog will go active every day :)

The dogs i’m around everyday :)

At first there is the dog of my neighboor.

His name is Rambo he is now 3 years old and and border collie/ german shepherd mix. He came to me when he wa 2 years old beacuse he was searching for a new home, my neighboor and that cutie fell in love thats how he find his new home. I’m training him and keeping an eye on that cutie in the beginning he was so scare of everything that he bit us but now hes totally lovey dovey with humans and its gettin better with other dogs but i’m still working with him.

And then evryone noticed there is the new one named Namid.


 He is a little puppy i owned.  But  he has that awesome character. He is gentle to other dogs and he is still licking my cats clean. He likes to cuddle with the rats and like to play with Rambo. He is friendly but pretty sensitiv. But at all he is the little gentleman in the group….i dont have to say that he can annoy me when he wants to because he is still a puppy.

At least there is the special one. My Susi.image

I adopted her for 3 years. On that day she was 15 years old. They said she got old and…stuff and is searching for a new family. I never likes little dogs but i thought why not and gave her a home. In the first time we didnt understand each other. She was completly diffrent from the other dogs i had. She was agressive and was barking the whole time. But after 3 years..she ist my heart. I trained a lot with her and now everyone wants her. She is 18 now and gettin old day by day…but she will be always my number one….and she will be always a big part of me!


(Sorry for my bad english its not my mothertounge but i wanted to say that)

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